Giant Plush and Oversized Chunky Knits
Giant Plush and Oversized Chunky Knits
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Giant Plush Sea Creature Stuffed Animal Set
Giant Plush Sea Creature Stuffed Animal Set
Giant Plush Sea Creature Stuffed Animal Set
Giant Plush Sea Creature Stuffed Animal Set
Giant Plush Sea Creature Stuffed Animal Set
Giant Plush Sea Creature Stuffed Animal Set
Giant Plush Sea Creature Stuffed Animal Set
Lily and Peabody

Giant Plush Sea Creature Stuffed Animal Set

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From the dark depths of the ocean to the crisp shorelines of the sea...

These giant sea creature plushes are ready to be warmly welcomed into your home. Handmade from a gorgeous plush micro fiber and luxurious faux fur, this lovely set can be spot cleaned, dry cleaned, or hand washed for care. These generously sized ocean animals make the perfect childhood friend, accent piece, or even a resilient cushion to rest on. 

Total length (top of head to tips of tentacles): 58"
Forehead seam (above the eyes) to tip of tentacles: 37.5"
Arm length (from crotch of tentacles to tips) 27"
Head girth: 41"
Seat girth: 60" 
Diameter of seat or belly (without arms) 17"

Total Length" 59"
Girth (around largest bit) 34"
Tusk length 13"

-Giant Starfish:
Width: 31"
Height: 13"

-Large Starfish:
Width 24"
Height" 9"

Listing includes:
-One Margeaux Octopus
-One Willoughby Narwhal
-One Philippa Starfish
-One Simone Starfish
-Carrying Bags
-Information Cards
-Adoption Certificates


Margeaux, a sensible and intelligent octopus from Cote d’Azur, considers herself a bit of an introvert until presented with a fine dining opportunity that will give her the chance to show off her pearls and delicate gold jewelry. When she’s not embracing the famously glamourous lifestyle of the French Riviera, Margeaux can be found enjoying a peaceful stroll along the ocean floor. Along the way, Margeaux likes to visit the many sunken ship museums in her neighborhood. She finds it difficult to leave without visiting the museum gift shop to pick up a vintage gold bangle from the recovered wreckage. In attempts to become more social, Margeaux has discovered a new love: visiting the tidepools and gently petting sea anemones. 


Willoughby, a majestic narwhal from the British Isles, likes to spend his mornings admiring the beauty in his hometown of Dunraven Bay. Willoughby enjoys swimming the gorgeous coastline to admire the towering cliffs adorned in the crisp morning fog. He can often be found spending time with friends in the vast tide pools or day tripping to Temple Bay to gaze at the glorious waterfalls that cascade from the clifftops above. In the evening when he settles in to bed, Willoughby likes to reminisce on life inside the Dunraven Castle where he would occasionally summer in his younger years.


Philippa, an energetic starfish from Ibiza, Spain, loves to spend her time visiting the many local hotspots in her neighborhood. From the packed nightclubs to the trendiest boutiques, Philippa never misses an opportunity to be seen. When not out on the town, she can be found basking in the sun on her favorite sandy beach or taking in a refreshing yoga class atop the pine-clad cliffs of Ibiza. Philippa considers herself an intellectual with great appreciation for the arts, such as music and dance. Her new friend, Simone, doesn’t want to tell her that clubbing is not an art form and that she’s really just a party girl. Don’t spoil it, Simone.


Simone, a young starfish from Mallorca, Spain, considers herself an appreciator of the arts. Simone enjoys soaking in the culture of the small villages near her home and collecting new memories of her travels. When she’s not providing gorgeous views to the snorkelers and scuba divers passing by, Simone can be found in the quaint Stone village of Pollenca taking in an art gallery or a jazz show. Lately Simone has been spending a lot of time with her new friend, Philippa, an extrovert party-girl starfish from the neighboring island Ibiza. Together they frequent the many nightclubs along the coastline before taking in an early morning meditative yoga class.