Mid Grey Vegan Chunky Knit Braid Blanket
Mid Grey Vegan Chunky Knit Braid Blanket

Mid Grey Vegan Chunky Knit Braid Blanket

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This cozy super chunky knit blanket throw measures approximately 40" x 60" and is hand knit from our wonderfully chunky vegan fiber. This throw is available in the following measurements: approximately 40" x 60", 60" x 60", 60" x 80", and 90" x 100".

The chunky knit blanket pictured is in the color mid grey, but can come in an additional 21 colors. 

Interested in a different size? Please visit our catalog for size options:
Small: 40" by 60"
Medium: 60" x 60"
Large: 60" by 80"
Extra Large: 90" by 100"

***Please keep in mind that large scale knitting is extremely malleable. Piece will measure approximately the size chosen. The measurement will change within a few inches back and forth with use because of the natural shifting in the knit. Please also keep in mind that these are handmade decorative pieces that are intended as a decorative throw blanket and to be used responsibly. Please follow care instructions as this is a delicate piece. Un-spun fiber can shed with use. Please keep in mind that colors may appear slightly different with each computer monitor. Blanket is dry clean or hand wash only.